Biopsy and Colposcopy
Biopsy Punch
Endocervical Specula
Endocervical Curettes
Cervical Hooks
Needle Extensions
Myoma Grasping Forceps

Personal Protective Equipment
N95 Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Disposable Face Shields, Infrared Thermometers and Pulse Oximeters

Scissors, Forceps and Needle Holders

Gynecology Basics
Endometrial Curettes
Uterine Curettes
Uterine Sounds
Cervical Tenaculum (and Cervical Forceps)
IUD Removal Hooks
Polyp Forceps

Electro-Surgical Instrumentation
ESU (LLETZ Program)
LLETZ Instruments
LLETZ Electrode
LLETZ Accessories
Smoke Evacuation System
Tubing Connectors

Endometrial Samplers

Our pessaries are 100% silicone pessaries that are used in the management of vaginal prolapse of the urogenital organs. Our vaginal pessaries are soft and pliable, making them easy to insert and remove. Through the many sizes and shapes that are available, LTL Medical is able to offer many options for the wide range of needs of your patients.
Pessary Ring
Oval Pessary
Shaatz Pessary
Gellhorn Pessary
Dish Pessary
Mar-Land Pessary
Hodge Pessary
Gehrung Pessary
Donut Pessary
Cube Pessary


Vasectomy Instruments

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