ESU Turnkey System – More Compact! More Powerful!

Electrosugery Unit features five treatment modes – Pure Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration and Bipolar Powerful 120 watt Pure Cutt and 80 watt Coagulation modes reduce electrode drag and assure quicker coagulation. Suitable for wall mount, roller cart or desk placement.

Product Description

Product Number

ESU Electrosurgery Unit with wall mount kit LT300-300
Smoke Evacuator with foot control (includes ULPA filter, prefilter and tubing) LT300-350
ESU Reusable Hand Switching Pencil LT300-510
ESU Reusable Patient Return Cord LT300-520
Five Conductive Adhesive Electrode Pads LT300-411
Electrode Sterilization Case LT300-200
5 Disposable Loop Electrodes LT300-119
5 Disposable Ball Electrodes, 5 mm LT300-159
LLETZ Non Conductive Speculum LT310-102
ESU Electrosugery Unit maximum power settings are 120w (Cut), 90w (Blend), 80w (Coagulation), 40w (Fulguration) and 30w (Bipolar).