Veronikis Intra-Fiberoptic Pelvic Assistant

The most exciting and new instrument for use in Urethropexy, Sacrocolpopexy, Paravaginal Repair, Vaginal Surgery and Rectrovaginal Septum Endometriosis.

In Urethropexy Procedures and Paravaginal Repairs: The VIPA provides the guiding light for accurate suture placement by illuminating the anatomy lateral to the bladder neck.

In Sacrocolpopexy: The VIPA steadies the vaginal vault and provides a suture platform with fiberoptic illumination.

In Vaginal Surgery: The VIPA illuminates the rectum to visualize endometriosis lesions on the rectovaginal septum.

Product Description

Product Number

VIPA, Complete LT350-379
VIPA Urethropexy Replacement Tip LT350-374
VIPA Vaginal Cuff Tip (Small) LT350-374
VIPA Vaginal Cuff Tip (Large) LT350-378
VIPA Rectal Prove LT350-380
VIPA Fiber Optic Cable (Storz to ACMI connection) LT350-372