Vecchietti Neo-Vagina Instrument Set

The Vecchietti Neo-Vagina surgical technique is for the treatment of vaginal agenesis. The successful result is construction of a dilation-type neo-vagina as described in The Vecchietti Operation for Constructing a Neo-vagina: Indications, Instrumentation and Techniques, by Veronikis, McClure and Nichols, OBGYN, August, 1997.

Create a primary neo-vagina. Lengthen a surgically foreshortened vagina. Reconstruct an obliterated neo-vagina. No tissue harvesting. No grafting requirement. Low complication rate. Favorable long-term function.

Product Description

Product Number

Vecchietti Traction Device LT350-271
Acrylic Olive Shaped Dilator LT350-273
Slightly Curved Ligature Carrier LT350-277
Strongly Curved Ligature Carrier LT350-275