LLETZ Accessory Hand Pencil

Product Description

Product Number

Hand Control ElectroPencil, Reusable, 3 Prong Fitting LT300-516
Hand Control ElectroPencil, Sterile, Disposable, 3 Prong Fitting Box of 20 LT300-515
Foot Control ElectroPencil, Reusable (includes LT300-532) LT300-504
Foot Control ElectroPencil, Sterile, Disposable (use with LT300-532) Box of 20 LT300-505
300 ElectroPencil, Specific to our ESU LT300-510
Hand piece Adapter, Specifically designed to connect single use foot control electro pencil (LT300-505) to most generators. LT300-532
Return Electrode Pad Adapter, Connects single use pads (LT300-413) to Cooper Leep 1000 generator. LT300-535