Gehrung Pessaries

The gehrung pessary has wires that allow it to be manually shaped for different anatomies. It is used to support both cystoceles and rectoceles as well as second to third degree prolapse. The gehrung pessary is available in nine sizes. Because of the shapeable wires, the gehrung pessary must be removed during x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRI’s.

Product Description

Product Number

#0 with support LTBGH50S
#1 with support LTBGH55S
#2 with support LTBGH60S
#3 with support LTBGH65S
#4 with support LTBGH70S
#5 with support LTBGH75S
#6 with support LTBGH80S
#7 with support LTBGH85S
#8 with support LTBGH90S